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Retreading tires is significantly less expensive than buying new tires and generally last as long as new tires used in similar applications. Many tire casings, especially those with all-steel wire body and belt construction, can be retreaded more than once. Miller Tire uses three different methods for retreading a casing:

Goodyear retreads Goodyear Precure Retreads

Precure retreads are available in a wide range of styles for enhanced performance in any application. To create precure retreads, tread rubber is firmly bonded to the buffed tire casing with a layer of adhesive. The two ends of the new tread segment are carefully fitted together. The tread and casing are then placed in a curing chamber, where the tread becomes securely adhered to the tire.
Miller Tire delivers only the highest quality precure retreads to commercial truck fleets. That's because we carefully monitor every stage of the precure retreading process, from primary assessment to final inspection. During our precure process, vulcanized tread rubber is firmly bonded to a buffed casing and placed in a curing chamber where the tread becomes securely adhered to the tire. The result is a quality Goodyear retread that is very similar to a new tire.

Mold Cure
In our mold cure system, non-vulcanized tread rubber is applied to a buffed tire. The tire is then heated in a mold, where the rubber vulcanizes and forms the new tread design. After the mold cure process is completed, we examine the tire. This final inspection ensures that only tires that meet our high standards leave the retread plant. The mold cure tire is then returned to its fleet, and can be brought back for a second or third retreading.

Mold cure retreads don't require adhesive, so they're lighter and more fuel-efficient. They also offer strength and toughness because the mold curing process produces a seamless construction.

Unicircle Retreads UniCircle

You get like-new performance and appearance characteristics from Goodyear UniCircle retreads. That's because they feature a seamless construction since they're made using Goodyear's patented retreading process.

Enhanced traction and costly tearing and chunking reduction are additional benefits of UniCircle retreads because they adhere snugly to the casing. Plus, they incorporate Goodyear's exclusive 2015T compound that matches new tire performance criteria for treadwear and traction.

You can expect lasting strength from the seamless UniCircle construction, as well as even treadwear and low rolling resistance due to its uniform retread characteristics and dimensions. The end result is cost-efficient performance for your fleet.

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